Clarity and Planning Session w/Leslie

Mobile Bar Owners One to One

Mobile Business Owners/Entrepreneurs

The clarity session is designed for someone testing the waters on coaching, or who is just dipping their toes in the water of the biz.

Hence the clarity session gives you an opportunity to compile your main questions, hop on a call, and glean what you can.  You can circle back after that initial if you decide your are ready to go all in.

The clarity session also allows us to both determine if we want to work together in the future.   Depending upon my schedule this isn't always available.  I have limited time for one time sessions I reserve my time for one to one, long term clients. 


Leslie Lyon

Course Pricing

  • One Time Consult
  • $500 USD

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  • 1 Hour Zoom Call
  • Pick My Brain
  • Operations
  • Employees
  • California Bar Logistics and Legalities
  • Liquor License
  • Training
  • Bar Build 411
  • Insurance
  • Contracts
  • Client Lead